Our Home: Theo’s Mini Room Tour

Our Home: Theo’s Mini Room Tour

Thanks to parenthood, I’ve grown to love (okay more like obsess over) children’s interior decor. When Theo was born we moved from our one-bedroom apartment into my mom’s house for a few months. And although we had an extra room to use as a nursery, it was pretty much co-sleeping the whole way through. Being a first-time (rather overly-anxious) mom, my entire focus was on him. Even with all the help my family offered, it was difficult to multi-task, let alone think about decorating. Even taking the time for a proper shower/blow dry/makeup session while they watched Theo was an incredible feat in itself!  I just couldn’t let him out of my sight. During our entire stay his “nursery” became more like the changing room / storage space unit up until it was time to find our new place.

When Theo was six months old we moved into our new two-bedroom apartment. It was there that my inner “mommy-zilla decorator” self slowly emerged. And I’m still having fun playing this role now! The space I envisioned for him was something modern and cool, yet cozy and inviting. Monochromatic in a sense with unexpected pops of color. I pulled lots of inspiration from many stunning Scandinavian kids’ rooms, and now with Theo recently turning the BIG 2, his room is starting to look less baby and more boy-ish. It’s heart-wrenching and exciting all at the same time! I guess his space has become more like a fun, ongoing project with little tweaks here and there.

The most recent addition we made was a series of wall shelves for his books. At first we installed one small shelf unit, displaying the books like picture frames. We noticed him gravitating towards those books more so than the ones displayed sideways on a traditional bookshelf. He even seemed more interested in that little ‘book nook’ than his toy bins. That gave me the idea to dedicate an entire chunk of wall space from top to bottom, displaying all of his books using MOSSLANDA picture ledges from IKEA – pretty much the best purchase decision we’ve made in terms of decor ideas! From morning until night, whenever he wakes up or pops into his room those shelves are the first thing he reaches for. We also created a little reading corner using IKEA’s Stuva benches. Again, another great buy especially if you’re on a budget! An area dedicated to reading time, while providing loads of storage space for toys, clothes, etc.

Scroll down to see more room details. And stay tuned for more ‘sneak peek posts’ of his space coming up!

Above: that’s his roommate, Miffy – also a big fan of the bookshelves.

Above: Theo’s custom silhouette with curls and all, thanks to A Family Print Shop. It was so precious to have something like this framed – serves as a true keepsake for your little one(s).

Above:  A custom banner from Matriarch Handmade  – there’s something quite special about buying handmade items from small businesses. The quality and attention to detail is beautiful.

Above: Bunting garland by Numero 74 from my FAVORITE SHOP, Smallable

Above:  Racing Car by Vilac, gifted from his uncle Thiago. We adore its classic, timeless look – a toy that Theo can pass down

Above: Wooden Noah’s Ark Toy by The Little White Company, gifted from grandma

Above: Awesome President Block Set, gifted from friends

Above: Hand carved animals by Ostheimer Wooden Toys, from dad

Above: Tyrannosaurus Animal Kit, from uncle Thiago

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