In Progress: Mini Bedroom Makeover

In Progress: Mini Bedroom Makeover

Over the past few weeks our apartment has been undergoing a ‘mini purge’ and I’ve been dedicating time here and there towards decluttering our space. There’s been an accumulation of unnecessary stuff over the years, but what a refreshing feeling it brings to be able to donate/sell items and simply minimize each room! At the moment, I’m working on my closet and our bedroom, which needs the most attention. The closet in particular looks a little horrifying right now (I’m even scared to go in there), so I’ll save a photo of that for a later post. While reorganizing I’ve also been sifting through so many clothes that are either too small or too big on me now and lots, LOTS of shoes/accessories that I’ll be posting on my Poshmark closet this week. After having a baby it seems like my body just morphed into an entirely different human shape, feet included. LOL! Any moms out there know what I mean? Anyway, everything in our home at the moment is a complete work in progress, but I wanted to share with you some areas of our bedroom that have recently undergone a slight revamp.

First off, we removed our enormous tufted headboard/footboard and opted for a simpler, pared-down look, keeping only our mattress and boxspring. The upside was much more floor space and the ability to move the bed alongside the floor-to-ceiling window. At first I actually attempted moving the entire bed (headboard and all) by the window, which just looked so wrong and extremely awkward. I was trying to be optimistic. Basically imagine a beam of natural light through a small tunnel and then closing it off with a brick. Haha! That’s pretty much what happened – the bed was so tall and wide that it didn’t stand a chance, even against a giant window. Once the unit was removed, a calm and relaxing atmosphere instantly set in and we were left with so many more options on how to rearrange the room. And lately I’ve been spending much more time in there simply because of the calm feeling it brings. Even Theo’s loving the new rearrangement – in the mornings when I take him out of his crib his new routine before breakfast is picking up his favorite truck, toy shark and a few legos and heading towards our bedroom for a little early playtime. And now that the bed is set lower to the floor it’s easier for him to climb up on his own. Bonus!

(Wayra throw pillow by Mae Woven)

Since the room is currently our favorite space we’ve also been spending more evenings there after dinner, reading books and having our dedicated story time with Theo on the bed. This called for a little more lighting but instead of adding another floor or table lamp, I thought to make it a little fun with these super affordable frosted, string ball lights (above). I’m one of those people who love the look of white christmas lights all year long (Lucas too) so this was the perfect addition.

A few favorite homey things that I’ll never grow tired: plants, dried flowers (and fresh ones, of course), fedoras and vintage straw baskets/bags. As much as I enjoy decluttering I can be a total hoarder when it comes to these. For the baskets, Salvation Army has become a little piece of heaven. That black and white frame on the corner above is a portrait of Françoise Hardy who looks over us day and night. I’m planning for Jane Birkin to join along soon and watch over us from the other side. 😉

Another obsession of mine are cameras, and if I had all the money in the world there would be a shelf dedicated to an awesome camera collection from all eras (currently on the hunt for an antique one, possibly a Rolleiflex). While I usually shoot with an Olympus E-PL7 I rediscovered this little one at the bottom of my camera bag and I’m still in love (Sony DSC-RX100).

Lucas has been collecting loads and LOADS of books over the years and literally reads all of them. He never ceases to amaze and inspire me. And now Theo’s on board with his own collection. It’s one area we don’t really put any limit on when it comes to spending, and definitely not something we throw away regardless of how much decluttering we go through. Oh and that charm bracelet is my little favorite from Merci in Paris – have to give a little shoutout. 🙂

Only recently did I realize the amount of dried baby’s breath I have lying around in almost every corner of our apartment.

By the way, it’s May and I still find myself switching from a tank to a t-shirt to a cardigan on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It would be nice if this New Jersey weather would make up its mind.

Quick Theo cameo! This was taken the other morning during our “pre-breakfast play”. It’s become a regular thing in our bedroom. I think it’s kind of amazing how a simple rearrangement of furniture can totally change your perspective in a good way, and I’m one of those who thrive on change even in the simplest of settings. I’m loving every bit of our bedroom makeover and can’t wait to show you more once it’s all nice and tidy. There is literally another side to the room that’s still in need of some cleaning up. Stay tuned!


xo, Lauren

Roses for Me, Roses for You

Roses for Me, Roses for You

Sometimes on gray, gloomy days all you need are your favorite bundle of flowers to instantly brighten the mood. I’m currently training myself to refrain from buying any more items for the home aside from the occasional bouquet of fresh florals. At the moment, I’m all about downsizing and decluttering. Simplify, simplify, simplify is what I keep reminding myself these days, holding on only to what’s most important and essential. And after many, MANY mindless retail therapy excursions to HomeGoods, IKEA, Target, H&M Home, you name it, I’ve begun to realize that I’ve purchased way too much sh*t over the years. Just like my wardrobe, I go through phases with decor. And if you were to peruse all the items I’ve accumulated through time you’ll notice that each piece tells a story or explains the “phase” I was going through in life.


When I moved out of my mom’s house and into our first apartment in New York City (a modern high-rise building) I was all about black and white, with hints of grey. I also had this obsession with collecting abstract artwork with pops of hot pink and neon hues hanging against stark white walls. Our furniture comprised of a stiff modular sofa, lucite ‘ghost’ chairs, an origami glass/cast iron coffee table, side tables that resembled a pair of mirrored cubes and everything else basically just…WHITE. God forbid you sat away from the dining table with a plate of pasta bolognese on your lap. I would adorn surfaces with massive books about fashion + art + travel (okay to be fair I still do hehe), sharp sea urchin figurines that could easily pierce through skin (I really don’t know what I was thinking), large hurricane vases and pretty much any NON-baby-friendly item that comes to mind. Our floors were covered in thin marbled cowhide rugs (no hint of plush or cozy whatsoever). It was just the two of us at the time and my aim was to create a space that closely mimicked the offices of some cool downtown fashion magazine. Looking back I think I was subconsciously striving to create a space that reflected my idealized perception of a Manhattan lifestyle. I was a twenty-something who worked in fashion – for me, this phase was inevitable. My husband Lucas (always the voice of reason) however, would advise against certain decor choices but I wouldn’t always be quick to follow – his style leans towards the more classic and timeless. I would soon learn that he was usually right about these things. Whatever was on trend at the moment would somehow find its way into our apartment unexpectedly. Like, “oops, what is another gigantic box from Amazon doing in the middle of the corridor? And why are there more Zara bags lining up in our bedroom?” Lucas is more patient when it comes to purchases, allowing it to “marinate” in his mind for a bit. I, on the other hand, take the retail plunge all too quickly like my life depended on it. Then, within a year or less I feel the tremendous urge to get rid of it somehow. I’m assuming by now you can tell who’s the more financially savvy one in this relationship? But before you judge…just wait…the story gets better, I promise!

(King Theo James Alexander, always presiding as head of the table)

Our second apartment was in a historic brownstone on a quaint tree-lined block. Rather than seeing the rush of New Yorkers scurrying to catch the 3 train while looking down at their phones, we encountered families with strollers, kids riding by on scooters and lots of friendly neighbors walking happily with their cuddly dogs on their way to brunch. I swear, there were Labradoodles and French bulldogs living in almost every home around us. I loved every bit of it. Naturally within the first few days of getting settled I was compelled to make our new space as warm and cozy as ever – this included sheepskin on seating, knitted blankets, pillows, candles, more books, wooden furniture and a new traditional sofa coined the ‘Bluebell’ (loveliness overload). The idea of coming home after a long day took on a new meaning. There you can leave all the stresses behind you and just unwind with a glass of wine, a home-cooked dinner (my love for cooking reached new heights) and some Netflix binging before curling up with a book in bed. Coming home from work almost felt like coming home from school in a way. Although our first home in NYC was an exciting rush of last minute get-togethers at bars, trying out the latest amuse-bouche, rooftop parties, late night take-outs and frequent fro-yo trips around the corner, our second home surely helped me to prioritize and prepare us for a WHOLE new chapter that was approaching in our lives – parenthood.

Now into our third apartment (we needed that extra bedroom for a special little someone), I’ve taken my love for that everyday cozy feeling and strive to make it part of our daily lives in even the simplest ways. Whether it’s the three of us snuggling up on the sofa with blankets and watching Home Alone for the 1,245th time, reading our son a bedtime story, building legos in a teepee with a flashlight, sitting around the table for dinner or even moments as simple as adding some nature to a room, like fresh flowers – the idea that I’ve come away with is that what makes a house a home is not so much the latest material things you buy for it, but the moments you create in it. Nothing is ordinary.

xo, Lauren



There’s something special about a fresh bundle of eucalyptus that instantly lifts my mood. Whether rain or shine, one of my favorite Saturday morning routines is taking our little man out for a stroll, picking up a latte, browsing our local bookshop and of course, stopping by flowers. Eucalyptus is always part of my selections. And for some reason I find it a bit hard to part with them after they’ve had a good run. It’s almost as if they become apart of our household like little family members (I promise you I’m not creepy). So naturally, I try to come up with creative ways to include them in our home without looking like some bizarre hoarder with an obsession for dried up flowers. I’ll use twine and hang them upside down on our wooden peg racks, hang some over a vintage mirror or beside our framed pictures, or collect some into white antique pitchers. There’s some kind of calming effect about them. Obviously I can’t keep all the flowers I collect, but some just seem too special to throw away. And with this super easy project, I’ve found another lovely way to adorn our home with one of our favorites.

Behold this sweet and minimal DIY eucalyptus wreath! I think it took me about 15 minutes to get it to my desired look, with a little tweaks here and there.

What you’ll need:

(Theo’s learning to love and adore plants just as much as me. Bonus!)

Naturally the most amazing quality of eucalyptus is its fragrance…so minty fresh! The only downside is that it can dry up to a crisp very quickly.

Here’s a tip:  Do some preparation a little ahead of time before making your wreath. Condition them with plant food and water at least 24 hours in advance, and spray it regularly throughout the day with water. This way you’ll enjoy your new, fragrant wreath for weeks to come. 

What to do: 

  1. Lay the wooden hoop flat on a table
  2. Take the largest branch and gently angle it along the hoop in your desired position (I wanted mine to look somewhat asymmetrical)
  3. Use the wire to wrap around the branch to secure in place from end to end
  4. Continue layering around the wreath base until you get your desired effect, using the wire to secure in place (as I continued to layer mine, I left some ends to hang loosely and unwired, which created a laid back rustic effect)
  5. Use the jute twine to create a loop for easy hanging to your desired height

Find the perfect spot to hang and you’re done! A little pretty DIY magic. It even looks lovely hanging right on a window.