A special night out with my love are few and far between these days when you have a toddler running around. But thankfully, my family came to the rescue to watch Theo while we spent much of the day and evening in NYC…and oh, what a beautiful time we had! Before being a mom I used to take for granted our walks through the city, the nights we spent scrolling through Yelp to scope out the next “must see” restaurant and actually hopping on the train to try it out the same night on a whim. After work hours, time was all ours and we spent it exactly as we wished. Nowadays, going out for drinks with friends or meeting up on Friday nights after work in the city seems like a distant memory. To make a night for ourselves requires a little advanced planning ahead of time and coordinating with others’ schedules. But…I wouldn’t want it any other way.

On this lovely day, Lucas and I strolled around everywhere and anywhere while I babbled incessantly about my newfound love and appreciation for Manhattan – if anyone else was with me they’d instantly see how often I venture out without a little boy in tow. Suddenly the city was like walking through Paris and Lucas found it all very amusing. We had an early dinner at The Standard Grill, where everything just tasted amazing. I’m still not sure if that was my “OMG, I just love everything about NYC” smitten self talking that day or not, but nevertheless, I enjoyed every second. As we sat sipping our drinks, waiting for dessert, I texted my best friend telling her we were out on a date just the two of us and that “I feel reborn” LOL. To which she replied, “Get it girl.”  – safe to say I get really excited about the little things way too easily at times. And of course naturally, after dinner, I made him my designated photographer for the next 20 minutes shooting outside in the Meatpacking. That part was inevitable. Oh how I love him so! We spent the next couple of hours walking, talking about the deep questions of life, a little bar-hopping and me having to stop and admire EVERY flower shop along the way before making it to our show: A Sunday in the Park with George starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It was my little belated birthday gift to him (and maybe me too)! Never a dull moment when we’re together.

No pics of the food, I’m afraid, because we ate it too quickly – happens to us all the time! I noticed a trend on my camera roll whenever we eat out. Lots of “restaurant ambiance” snaps but rarely any shots of the food we order. But on a happy note, the dishes were good…really, really good.

(Wearing: Vintage Etienne Aigner trench coat, Zara eyelet top and boots, Levi’s jeans, weaved bag from Provence)

By the way, it may not look like it but I’m actually quite happy in this picture. The ‘itis’ though was setting in.