A Beautiful Mother’s Day

A Beautiful Mother’s Day

What initially was going to be a quick and early brunch in the city for Mother’s Day (to beat the swarm of “NYC brunchers”) followed by dessert and movies at home turned out to be one of the most beautiful days spent out and about with my handsome little family! I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, relaxed Sunday. Rather than take the fastest, most efficient route to a destination when you have a tiny person in tow, which is what we normally do, we decided to trek through the city in hopes that Theo will enjoy the stroll all the way through. And luckily, he did just that! It’s a bittersweet feeling partly because our little boy is maturing before our very eyes (I mean, this kid could hang no matter where we go) but also because it seems like it’s happening all too fast. He recently turned the big TWO and now after a couple weeks it seems like he’s going on FIVE. Every morning when we open his door it’s like experiencing what Lucas and I call the “Theo upgrade”. Haha! More new words, new phrases, new thought patterns than the day before…and they all make complete sense. He’s just absorbing the world around him and it’s fascinating how quickly he’s picking up on it all. But…I have to admit I find myself doing the routined “camera roll scroll” and re-watching all of his videos from newborn and on, wishing for him to morph back into an infant again (even for a brief moment). Sometimes I’ll wake up at the craziest hours of the night just to watch his old clips and begin to cry. Lucas has actually woken up at 4am to find a crazy lady holding her iPhone and sobbing beside him. LOL! He’ll always be my little baby. Oh and by the way, I should mention that after becoming a mom I’ve noticed that my emotions have reached an all-time high. I think I’ve always been a pretty emotional person, but now, the tears…oh man it really doesn’t take much. As I’m typing these words I’m already getting that ball-stuck-in-your-throat feeling. Yes, I’ve become that gushy mom type. We’re starting to plan for a second baby, but when all you’ve known for the past two years was being a mommy to ONE incredible little person, the idea of loving another seems unfathomable. Any moms out there know where I’m coming from? Regardless I welcome more babies with open arms!

I digressed again as I normally do when I think about Theo. Getting back to this awesome day – we walked all over downtown, taking many, MANY pictures along the way. Below is a little photo overload (prepare to be bombarded), but this is not even a fraction of the amount we took. I used to take New York City for granted and would barely look up or around to enjoy the views. Back then my only concern was getting from point A to point B. As I’m getting older, I find myself appreciating simple, yet beautiful things. Flowers, for instance! Put me in a flower shop and leave me in a botanical garden and I’m set for the entire day. This is pretty much why I chose to brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter in the West Village – my pick firstly because I was attracted to their gorgeous displays of greenery and antiques, and secondly because of their menu. If you’re into vegetarian dishes like us, you’ll love this place. And if you’re all about that “plant life”, even more so you should give it a try. I’m already contemplating a DIY project in our future home and assembling a huge “plant boat” installation suspended over our dining area (scroll down and you’ll see what I mean).

An entire building covered in greenery – is there anything more comforting to the eyes?

(above: floral dress by Uterqüe, wedge espadrilles by Castañer, vintage rattan purse)

Eeeeeeyyy, it’s Theo! Our two year old boy who is often mistaken as a five year old, according to many passersby.

Major *heart eyes* the moment I saw this plant installation above!

The two greatest loves of my life, sitting right over there.

It’s almost as though I’ve completely forgotten how beautiful New York City can be. The character, the charm. And for a second the thought of moving to the West Village, “making it work” in some tiny apartment creeped in our heads.

Spotted a basket of doggies – now I ask again…is there anything more comforting?

A pitstop for lattes at another charming favorite, Buvette.

Strolling around this big city with my little man, who in my eyes will always and forever be my baby. He made me a mommy for the first time and for that I’m eternally grateful for my “Teo Teo”! And of course, so thankful and blessed to have the MOST AMAZING husband and daddy (and huge role model for Theo) by my side.

Hope you all had a wonderful and memorable Mother’s Day with your loved ones!





There’s something special about a fresh bundle of eucalyptus that instantly lifts my mood. Whether rain or shine, one of my favorite Saturday morning routines is taking our little man out for a stroll, picking up a latte, browsing our local bookshop and of course, stopping by flowers. Eucalyptus is always part of my selections. And for some reason I find it a bit hard to part with them after they’ve had a good run. It’s almost as if they become apart of our household like little family members (I promise you I’m not creepy). So naturally, I try to come up with creative ways to include them in our home without looking like some bizarre hoarder with an obsession for dried up flowers. I’ll use twine and hang them upside down on our wooden peg racks, hang some over a vintage mirror or beside our framed pictures, or collect some into white antique pitchers. There’s some kind of calming effect about them. Obviously I can’t keep all the flowers I collect, but some just seem too special to throw away. And with this super easy project, I’ve found another lovely way to adorn our home with one of our favorites.

Behold this sweet and minimal DIY eucalyptus wreath! I think it took me about 15 minutes to get it to my desired look, with a little tweaks here and there.

What you’ll need:

(Theo’s learning to love and adore plants just as much as me. Bonus!)

Naturally the most amazing quality of eucalyptus is its fragrance…so minty fresh! The only downside is that it can dry up to a crisp very quickly.

Here’s a tip:  Do some preparation a little ahead of time before making your wreath. Condition them with plant food and water at least 24 hours in advance, and spray it regularly throughout the day with water. This way you’ll enjoy your new, fragrant wreath for weeks to come. 

What to do: 

  1. Lay the wooden hoop flat on a table
  2. Take the largest branch and gently angle it along the hoop in your desired position (I wanted mine to look somewhat asymmetrical)
  3. Use the wire to wrap around the branch to secure in place from end to end
  4. Continue layering around the wreath base until you get your desired effect, using the wire to secure in place (as I continued to layer mine, I left some ends to hang loosely and unwired, which created a laid back rustic effect)
  5. Use the jute twine to create a loop for easy hanging to your desired height

Find the perfect spot to hang and you’re done! A little pretty DIY magic. It even looks lovely hanging right on a window.